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Fri 02 February 2018
How to setup NFS encrypted Xen backups for all of your hosts
Fri 02 February 2018
How to censor Jenkins passwords
Wed 31 January 2018
Configure ISCSI Target & Initiators in Centos 7
Mon 29 January 2018
How to reset password on Cisco ASA Firewalls
Fri 26 January 2018
Discovered major Issues with Gitlab LDAP Functionality
Fri 26 January 2018
Getting inside the embedded Postgres on Gitlab CE
Tue 23 January 2018
Audit, track and block FreeIPA attackers
Mon 22 January 2018
Reset enable pass without config loss on 6500 Cataylist Series Routers
Sun 21 January 2018
Will be starting D-RATS development
Sat 20 January 2018
FreeIPA iptables setup
Fri 19 January 2018
FreeIPA admin account reset
Fri 19 January 2018
Xen Hints
Fri 05 January 2018
Creating Readonly LDAP Service Accounts for FreeIPA
Fri 05 January 2018
Quickshell deploy AuditD
Mon 01 January 2018
The single biggest gripe I have with pfSense.
Sat 23 December 2017
Building Chroot Jails for SSH accounts