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About Myself

Jonathan Kelley is a 10 year veteran of the tech industry and a 18 year hobbyist. He got his start with computers and programming in his adolesent years. As time elapsed his focus has geared toward operations automation (devops dare we say) and applications stability.

At Rackspace Hosting over the years, he has been involved in many projects including the Slicehost to Openstack API migration, launching cloud control panels (legacy/new), building log infrastructure, managing cloud signup/customer database API's, launching loadbalancing as a service, launching databases as a service, security incident response, PCI compliance and a lot more. As the company has evolved he has focused his endevours on compliance, auditing, monitoring, tool-writing and wrangling Puppet functions and manifests.

The application stacks he manages in production run on Python, Ruby and Java. He tends to solve his business problems in Python. He has written API servers in Python/Flask/Tornado and has written a handful of python API client software components to meet immediate business needs / systems management / automation / passing fancy.