How to automate your job with a REST API

cat << EOF | curl -X PUT -d @-

Doing things manually at scale sucks.¬†Puppet and Ansible have made management/orchestration easy, but there’s still challenges to building loosely coupled triggers between workflow paces in a large scale environment. Rundeck and Jenkins are a solution to job triggering, but have poor API’s and cumbersome interfaces. There’s a new tool in town to wire the Jenkins, Rundecks, and Ansibles together, introducing OpsAPI:

OpsAPI is a lightweight API/HTTP framework in Tornado which allows users to extend and prototype infrastructure-as-a-service workflows and triggers as as needed.

This project was built for systems engineers and developers who need to automate orchestration of tasks on a system and can appreciate the speed and convienence of a stateless API. You can automate anything with the built in extensions for subprocess, fabric, ansible, postgres, mysql or memcache.


Install and try it out

git clone
pip install paver
opsapi -d --dir /srv/extensions&

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